About Us

The Museum of Mexican Traditional Arts by Discover Mexico Park Cozumel is a space devoted to showcasing the artistry and cultural value of the various handcrafts and arts originated in Mexico that have evolved to the present. We are proud to provide a cultural option to Cozumel Island and to promote Mexican culture daily to our hundreds of visitors.


In 2005, when the Discover Mexico Park Cozumel project began and after several meetings with shipping companies’ executives in order to identify product needs and new concepts to be created in the Caribbean, the idea of having a Museum dedicated to Mexican craftsmanship arose. At that time, Mrs. Nina Zapata was an active member of the Popular Art Museum Board of Mexico City (MAP) that had recently opened its doors. Then, after a series of meetings with the staff of the MAP board, it was decided to establish a collaboration agreement for the MAP to offer a consultancy for the selection and acquisition of the pieces for the Mexican Museum of Traditional Arts by Discover Mexico Park Cozumel, located in Isla Cozumel. Thus, under the tutelage and direction of Mrs. Nina Zapata they began to acquire all the pieces that are presented today in the Museum, all of which were carefully selected among some of the greatest masters of Mexican craftsmanship. This collection contains unique pieces, such as alebrijes created by Linares, as well as the workshop of Jacobo and María Angeles, trees of life by Soteno and even a sand carpet of Huamantla (Tlaxcala, Mexico) original creation of the Master Erasmo Campos. It was in this way that Mrs. Zapata’s private collection was formed, which has been given as a loan to Discover Mexico Park Cozumel. This collection continues to grow over the years, thus increasing its cultural value and interest for the Mexican Museum of Traditional Arts by Discover Mexico Park Cozumel. This collection of unique pieces, whose museography has been recently renewed, is a treasure that Discover Mexico Park Cozumel offers to the millions of tourists that visit the island every year, mainly on cruises and that gives them the opportunity to experience the Mexican culture despite visiting Cozumel Island and Mexico for only a few hours.

Audio Visual Room

Ignite your interest in Mexican culture by watching this award winning short video showing Mexico’s traditions and people.


Authentic ritual and ceremonial dance masks are gathered here to tell the history and tradition of ancient Mexican ethnic groups.

Folk Art

A wonderful collection of various objects that represents the most peculiar, fun and artistic side of Mexican artisan hands.


The artistry in Mexican embroidery is recognized around the world, in this exhibit you’ll be able to contemplate some of its famous designs.


The pride of Oaxaca is amply showcased in our museum where some extraordinarily detailed pieces continue to amaze the visitors.

Dioramic Garden

Three exhibits that will show you the evolution of Mexican culture throughout the ages. The detail in each exhibit will amaze you.
  • The collection of artwork in the museum was magnificent.